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High Fiber Butter Linden&Lavender (reduced sugar)

High Fiber Butter Linden&Lavender (reduced sugar)

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Feeling the crunch of nutritional gaps in your meal?

Our butter is a quick solution for those who may not be getting enough fiber in their daily diet.

Crafted with organic ingredients: Dried sprouted seeds mix (flaxseed, buckwheat, lentil), Coconut butter, Carob, Hemp flour, Sugar, Lecithin, Psyllium husk, Fermented maca paste, Fermented Linden&Lavender paste.

This exceptional and innovative snack is created as a gluten-free spread, boasting a high fiber content of 17% and a generous protein content of 11%, all infused with beneficial botanicals, offering 6 grams of fiber per portion (20% of DV).

This innovative and guilt-free delight provides a swift solution for those struggling to meet their daily fiber requirements—more than half of the world's population falls into this category! With a rich blend of dynamically sprouted flaxseed, buckwheat, and lentils ground on a traditional stone mill, HFB stands out as a nut-free, cocoa-free, and gluten-free butter.

Thanks to its flaxseed base, this spread provides users with their daily dose of essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, it contains antioxidant-rich herbs, making it a valuable addition to a balanced diet. 

Our spread offers a delightful chocolate flavor, perfect for enjoying on its own or spreading onto whole-grain bread. With a shelf life of one year at room temperature and best used within three months of opening, it's both convenient and nutritious.  

Safety is paramount. No gimmicks. No allergies. Our ingredients shield you from any harmful and artificial additives. Completely free from artificial ingredients, flavors, and colors.

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