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Salted Caramel BIO Safe Breakfast Syrup

Salted Caramel BIO Safe Breakfast Syrup

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BIO Sweet Syrup with NEW Unique Taste of Salted Caramel

The first product collaboration with @annas_wholesomeboholife, also known as Anna Veganna—an influencer in the field of healthy eating and lifestyle, creator of a series of culinary books, and participant in the MasterChef (Bulgaria) TV show.

Together with the sunny Anna, we managed to create a product that describes her perfectly. Step by step, ingredient by ingredient, the making of such a refined taste of salty caramel happened with a lot of creativity and dedication. Indulge in a new sweet-salty taste, suitable for a better healthy lifestyle!

We value a healthy lifestyle without limiting taste receptors with tasteless food.

One tablespoon of BIO Safe breakfast syrup is ideal for controlling the sweetness of meals and adding flavour diversity to different types of diets. It's the world's only line of BIO syrups with real fermented herbs and spices.

The product is based on agave syrup. It contains a large amount of fructose and therefore has a low glycemic index (Low GI). Despite contradictory information on the Internet, scientific evidence shows that agave syrup is pretty safe at an acceptable rate of 1.5 g per 1 kg of weight consumption of fructose per day (a study by the University of Zurich).

BIO Safe Breakfast syrup also contains fermented spices, which are beneficial for lowering blood sugar (according to scientific studies of cinnamon, ginger and allspices).

Agave manages the sweetness of the diet dish, while the spices transform its familiar taste giving the syrup the well-known taste of Gingerbread.

Shelf life is one year at room temperature. Use by three months after open.


Agave syrup*, cinnamon, maca, anise, cardamom, tonka beans, and vanilla (* from organic farming)

Example of Usage:

  • Hot drink ( tea or coffee) 1 tbsp for a cup
  • Low-fat yoghurt 1 tbsp for 100 g
  • Porridge: 1 tbsp for 1 portion
  • Home Lemonades: 1 tbsp for 150 g of sparkling water

Two times more concentrated & intense than regular syrups, BIO Safe Breakfast Syrups with Low Glycemic Index (Low GI) sweetness perfect for healthy breakfast:

  • muesli
  • pancakes
  • yoghurt
  • cheese
  • smoothies

Safety first. No tricks. No allergies. 

Free from any artificial ingredients, flavours and colors. No alcohol extracts, sugar, added preservatives and doubtful syrup base. No honey, No gluten, No soy, No nuts, No animal origin ingredients. 

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